DoA Message 2009

Posted on: 24th February 2016

 Building trust and confidence in Organics


Congratulations to OAM on identifying a comprehensive list of organic related operators nationwide.  As the numbers of entities listed in this directory shows, organic agriculture offers good business opportunities for producers in the country to move up the value chain.  Malaysia has a large food import bill.  Whilst not all imported food products can be produced in the country, lots more can be done.  Moreover, locally grown food, in line with organic agriculture principles, has a lower carbon footprint and greater benefit to the local economy. 

Besides information, maintaining consumer trust and market confidence in organic products is also important to the growth of the sector.  The government has established Skim Organik Malaysia (SOM), implemented by the Crop Quality Control Division of the Department of Agriculture to this purpose.  I am happy to note all Skim Organic Malaysia (SOM) certified producers are listed here.  They deserve to be highlighted for their efforts in meeting the Malaysian Standard for Organic Agriculture (MS1529) and SOM certification requirements.  

Whilst it is not mandatory to be certified, I encourage all organic producers to register with SOM as a responsible and credible operator.  Moreover, SOM certification is free.  We look forward to collaborate with OAM to further build trust and confidence.  I hope in subsequent issues, more if not all producers listed are registered with SOM.

Norma Othman


Crop Quality Control Division

Department of Agriculture, Malaysia