OAM Message 2009

Posted on: 24th February 2016

Organics for a Responsible & Healthy Lifestyle


In a world of finite resources, growing population and facing climate change, greater eco-social accountability is required of consumers and businesses to maintain peace, security and economic sustainability.  Organic agriculture can serve society’s need for safe quality food, environment conservation and fair economy.  Every person or business can influence better management of global resources, community welfare and personal health by practicing the organic movement’s principles of Care, Health, Ecology and Fairness.

In the 1st OAM directory 2006, there were 43 listed entities.  I am happy to see more than 160 listed in this issue.  Consumer interest in organic products is growing in the country.  This directory is one of several projects OAM is implementing to service the organic industry.  Having a comprehensive directory available for free in print and soon also on the OAM website (www.organicmalaysia.com.my) will facilitate easy access to information about organic agriculture and available products in the country.  

I encourage everybody to think, grow, eat and use organic products for a responsible and healthy lifestyle.  Not only will it enhance your quality of life. It will support sustainable development for future generations. We can all Be part of the solution!

Ong Kung Wai


Organic Alliance Malaysia