Organic Malaysia Mark Scheme

The One mark to authenticate other marks.
There is a wide range of products claiming to be organic in the market today.  It can be difficult for consumers to know which products are certified and which are self claimed.  Organic products certified by different certification bodies from all over the world are sold in Malaysia.  The numerous different quality assurance and certification marks found on product packaging today can be confusing for operators and consumers.  Also which of the certifications is approved by government?

The Organic Malaysia mark is a label scheme operated by Organic Alliance Malaysia in collaboration with the Crop Quality Control Division, Department of Agriculture, Malaysia.  The Organic Malaysia mark is for use by registered operators on certified organic products (domestic and imports) that complies to the Malaysian organic standard MS1529 and whose certification is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia.

Operators register products with proof of eligible certification and signs a Use of Mark agreement.  Registration fees apply.  Registered products will be featured in the website product directory.  Product range is updated according to actual range of products handled.
The Organic Malaysia mark scheme include training support, audit visits of participating operators as well as market surveillance for non authorised use and misuse.

Malaysian operators are encouraged to use the Organic Malaysia mark to facilitate easy identification of authentic certified organic products in the market.