Developed out of NGO and private sector initiatives, the Malaysian organic sector is a growing sector with promising potential.  The Malaysian government is supportive of organic agriculture.  Organic agriculture is identified as a niche market opportunity, particularly for fruit and vegetables, in the current 3rd National Agriculture Policy (NAP3).

The following services are offered by Organic Alliance Malaysia to meet operators and consumers needs as well as for development of the sector.

One common mark for easy identification
Organic products certified by different certification bodies from all over the world are sold in Malaysia.  The plethora of certification marks in the market can be confusing for operators as well as consumers.

The Organic Malaysia mark scheme is developed to facilitate quick and easy identification of authentic organic products in the market.  It is available to operators in Malaysia for use on certified products [domestic and import] that meet the Malaysian organic labelling regulation.  Click to read more ....

One Stop domestic and export certification service
Malaysian operators have to be certified to label their products as organic.  Importers need verification that imported organic products meet organic labelling regulation.  Exporters require certification to export market requirements.

OAM offers domestic certification for processors in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia.  OAM can arrange for export certification through partners in Certification Alliance (CertAll).  Click to read more ....

One free print and online directory for easy search
OAM publishes a directory of organic operators annually.  Full colour print and digital copies are available free on request as well as circulated to over 1,500 institutional addresses related to agriculture, food, health beauty and wellness service centers in the country.

Simple contact listing is free.  Fees apply for full listing and adverts.  Listing is also made available on this website and links to operators' own websites can be arrange.

Click to download Organic Directory 2014